Red House Design is committed to using design, materials and energy resources in order to minimize the impact of our built work on the environment. Having designed homes to Net Zero and Passive Home standards for clients, we are committed to continued learning and implementation of best practices that create healthy and efficient homes, with an eye toward protecting our future and that of future generations.

Exemplary design practices can contribute to a highly efficient and resilient building envelope with long-term lower maintenance costs. High-resistance windows, low-transfer building insulation, architectural shading devices, daylight capture, and the responsible use of renewable building materials are key elements in our tool set. Nontraditional systems for domestic hot water, gray water re-use, interior heating and cooling, along with high-efficiency appliances and low-draw plumbing fixtures, reduce energy and resource consumption. By promoting sustainable building and assisting our clients in taking advantage of state and federal tax credits, new and emerging technologies and systems become possible to incorporate in their homes.

By partnering with clients, builders and sub-contractors who are likewise committed to excellence and high standards of environmental consciousness, we believe that together we will have a positive impact on the environment and the long term health of our community.