Inclusivity & Social Justice

Now is the time for thoughtfulness and action as we pursue justice, equality and inclusion for all – especially those who are disenfranchised within our industry and community.

We have always believed in and been guided by deep personal commitments to enduring curiosity and impactful collaboration, fueled by diverse perspectives and the excitement of trying new things. As we move forward, we pledge to hold ourselves accountable in our daily actions, vowing to take impactful steps whenever and wherever possible.  We commit to seek ways to learn how we can do better, listening intently, speaking openly and encouraging (and supporting) others to do the same.

At Red House Design, our inclusion practices go beyond ourselves.  We strive to empower all those in our professional and personal community to connect, respect and grow.  In our work with clients, consultants and contractors, we seek to continually foster opportunities for diversity and inclusion.

In addition to supporting the ACLU, NAACP and HRC, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is further manifested through our direct work with and annual financial support of CONSTRUCT, a local non-profit organization providing affordable housing and emergency services to those in need — As a board member and a supporter, we lead these efforts toward creating a healthy and safe place for all to live and thrive.

Without inclusiveness of thought and a commitment to equality for all, there is no moving forward. By working together, we believe we can achieve meaningful change.

Grow to be inclusive. Be inclusive to grow. – Anonymous