Client Reviews

“Red House worked on the renovation of our 19th century house (with a 1958 kitchen/garage addition) and the process was not only painless, it was fun and interesting. Bruce and Michael each brought experience, a keen design sensibility, and a gentle demeanor to this project. I was grateful for their guidance, and stewardship, of our renovation project. They kept an eye on our budget while they created smart and handsome solutions for our restricted floor plan. Working with Red House was a dream, they were always reachable, kept a clear line of communication, and the only surprises were a function of the old house. I would absolutely hire them again and will highly recommend them to friends.”

-Marion R.

“We don’t know where to begin… Red House has been the best partner imaginable. They consulted with us as we considered remodeling our former house, as we pondered new construction, and once we took the leap and decided to tackle a significant renovation of our 30-year old 3,500 square foot “forever” home. We could not be happier. Total gut renovation of all bathrooms and kitchen; new open floor plan configuration for the first floor that created incredible flow and took full advantage of the views; additions of a screened in porch and carport that flowed seamlessly into existing wrap-around porch (harder than it sounds); integrated solutions for storage, elevated grilling area and outdoor shower; finishes, hardware, cabinetry, design support; infrastructure improvements, site plans and construction oversight — Red House helped us manage the chaos and made it fun. It is impossible to convey how happy we are 9-months later. The light pours through the house, we move from room to room, sit and smile. We are forever grateful to them for their collaboration and partnership. You cannot go wrong working with Michael and Bruce.”

-Ben B.

“Red House Design did a spectacular job of designing and supervising a major renovation of our 18th-century cottage. Even better, they did it with great communication, follow-through, professionalism, and cooperation. Their plan called for total renovation of two bathrooms, construction of a screened porch, removal of a partition, foundation repairs, creation of a laundry space, lighting design, and analysis of traffic flows and recommended furnishings through the reconfigured space. The result is a light-filled, charming living area from which mountain vistas can be enjoyed all year round. From the structural elements to the details of the fixtures and the color of the paint, they provided excellent recommendations, coordinated seamlessly with the contractor, and were truly a delight to work with.”

– Robert B.

“We hired Red House to create a mud room, living room and guest room with a bathroom for our home in the Berkshires. They did an incredible job – professional, kept the project on track and on budget, outstanding taste from design to fixtures to countertop stone to flooring to paint colors. Could not be happier and couldn’t imagine finding anyone who could have done a better job. I highly highly recommend Red House!”

-Stacey P.

“We had a feeling about what we wanted our space to feel like, but no idea how to proceed. Red House really “got” us. They listened to us and designed us wonderful space that we couldn’t even have dreamed of. Words cannot describe how happy my husband and I are with the transformation of the dumpy disaster 1950s house that we bought. Bruce and Michael helped us turn it into a bright, open, amazing space to live, dream, work and entertain. They respected our budget, were both practical and creative, and were delightful to partner with. We cannot recommend Red House highly enough.”

-Ilene S.

“Having now done 2 major renovations with Red House, I can only speak in superlatives about Bruce and Michael. I think they are both consummate professionals, they have a ton of experience, they work together beautifully, they are talented and they absolutely listened to and heard us every step of the way.

We have worked with 2 architects in our lives previously (one in the 1990s in Bayside, Queens, where we added a full second floor to a small house, and the second in Westchester, where we did a major renovation on our house there.) We were happy with both of those experiences with our architects.

However, working with an architect and design team brought it to a whole other level.

Our first exposure to Red House Design was watching the impressive transformation of their home and office in Great Barrington.

When my husband decided to add a wood shop onto our house, he went right to them. He loved working with them and the outcome is fabulous. (It’s 1,100 square feet and truly meets the needs he had expressed.)

We sold our home in Westchester and decided on one more project up here. We added a large office, and underneath that space, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a family room. The renovation is gorgeous and again, totally meets our needs.

I am extremely grateful to have worked with Bruce and Michael, who helped guide us in making critical decisions, in the most cost effective way. Honestly, they discouraged us from doing things that were excessive (and were clear on their opinions for what they felt was important when we considered things to cut.)

I looked forward to every meeting we had and sometimes I would just sit back and watch the interactions and be so impressed by how gently and respectfully Bruce and Michael spoke to one another, and to us. Renovations can be nightmares, but that was not our experience AT ALL.

As it happened, the Realtor who sold us our house in the Berkshires 5 years ago was visiting recently and she hadn’t noticed our new addition when she drove up. THAT’S how seamlessly they integrated the new part (our office is about 400 square feet, so not incidental AND it’s in the front of the house!) When she walked in and saw everything we had done, she was stunned. It REALLY came out great. The longer we live in it, the more we appreciate the attention to detail and the high quality of user-friendly design.”

-Hinda B.

“Red House Design understood the needs of our house. We bought an old barn that needed attention to light and updates that were within our budget. We could not be happier with the end product of our home. We highly recommend Red House!”

-Vicki W.

Although I have no clear idea of what style our house is – all crazy angles, 80ish stuff. We engaged Bruce and Michael to create an extension off our living area. They examined every nutty angle and produced several working options that we all gradually honed down to a brilliant creative design. What was wonderful was that they listened fully to our ideas and needs. During the construction phase they were ever present and engaged and available for consultation if there were issues. When Bruce came to see the extension when it was completed the look on his face said: “We did this, we made this beautiful space.” And it is a beautiful space. And we are looking forward to more beautiful spaces created by these two talented men.

-Anne R.


Principal Architect:
Bruce Moore, RA
413 429 5151

Principal Designer:
Michael Alper
413 429 7780